A House is not a Home

A home is always part of everyone’s dream. It symbolizes stability and security that no other possession can provide. A house is a sanctuary for the weary body. It is a place where dreams are built and the future is forged. That is why people spend a better part of their adult life planning, saving and preparing to buy a house. Acquiring a physical, concrete-made house is just the first and the easy part. Transforming the structure into a home for you and your family is a bigger challenge. There are many beautiful houses in plush neighborhoods, but they are far from being homes. There are smaller housing units in city centers yet they live true to the essence of being a home. What makes a house a home? It starts with the people who live in the house. An individual, a couple, a group or a family can turn a house into a home. By coexisting and interacting with each other, they create a positive atmosphere conducive for rest, recreation and exploration of ideas and thoughts. People who live together but do not talk to each other will never be at home. They live in a house, and have a bed, but they do not thrive in a home. A home generates a goodwill and positive contribution to the neighborhood. It does not exist alone in a street. Rather, it blends with the neighbors in both aesthetics and in the spirit of friendship. Homes do not exist on its one. They are shared with friends and neighbors who may come to visit and bring good wishes to the occupants of the house. A home has a door welcoming guests, relatives and friends. It is not closed all the time, but is open to all those who enter in peace. Finally, a home is a home within. Accents, furniture, appliances and decorations make a house a recluse for people tired from work and coming home from a long day. People find solace in their homes. When they are tired, they go home as fast as they can to their beds. When they are having problems, they may shut themselves in their bedrooms. Great ideas at work emanate from warm homes. It is essential for homes to be warm as a hug and comfortable as an embrace. A home does not come together with a house. It is made by people living in it and maintained by the community surrounding it.