Things to Consider in Building a House

It is everyone’s dream to own a house because it is such a nice feeling to live in a place we call our own. Owning our own home gives us security, satisfaction and achievement in life. It provides us a place where we could create memories, share our hopes and dreams, raise a happy family of our own and live a life we truly want. We want to build a house according to our likes and dreams. We want it to be the best house we could ever live, and we want it for a lifetime.

Building our own house though is not that simple - wherein with just one click of our finger, we can have our dream house right away.  There are a lot of things or factors we need to consider.  Before we spend thousands or millions of money to build our own house, we have to make sure that we have made the right decision and the right plan for our dream house.

First, we have to consider the budget.  We have to make sure that we have enough money to spend for the materials and labor in constructing the house. Our dream house should be proportionate to our budget. Like for example, we cannot build a three-storey house with just a budget of thousands, it should be millions.

Second, the design of the house should match to the location.  So, before making a plan for the house, we should consider the place where the house will be built.  We have to look at the form of the lot – whether it is elevated, flat, has a slope or whatever.  We also consider the direction of the house - we have to see where the sun is rising and where it is setting for it affects the various areas of our home.  We also have to see to it that we can maximize the space allocated for the house. Aside from the design, we have to take a look at our floor plan.  We have to see to it that the floor area is also in proportion to the lot.  If we want to have a garden, then we should allocate an area for it. It is much better if the house has a floor area of  one-half to three-fourths of the lot area.  In this way, we can use the vacant lot for whatever, we want to build or make in the future such as a swimming pool, basketball court or any area for our recreational activities.

Third, we have to consider the materials needed for our house.  We should see to it that we make use of those materials that are cheaper but of high quality or expensive and excellent quality.  Again, this actually depends on the budget we have for the materials.  It should also be in conformity with the design of our dream house and the motive we wanted for the house.

Fourth, are the laborers.  We must make sure that the laborers or the contractors of the house are experienced.  Since we are spending lots of money for our house, we have to get the best people to construct it.  We have to check their work everyday, their accomplishments within a particular day and how fast and accurate they are in building the house.  We can save much if we will not pay them daily but on a contract basis instead.

Fifth, we should make a time frame in building the house.  This must be properly talked about with the contractor.  We must give them a time-frame to finish the house so that everything will run smoothly.  The workers can adjust their time and make an effort to meet the desired date to finish their work.  This is an advantage to both the contractor and the owner of the house because they will not be pressured by any party for they have already talked about a particular date when to finish building the house.

Lastly, we should have a close-monitoring of the house.  We should assign a particular family member to go to the construction site everyday.  The purpose of this is to check whether the contractor or the workers are properly doing their job.  The plan is properly followed – the design, the measurement or whatsoever.  If ever there are things that need correction, at least the workers can change it right away.  Close monitoring while the house is still under construction gives us security and a feeling of contentment. It also gives us an almost perfect finished product according to our wants and likes.

Whatever design we have in mind for our dream house is, what really matters is the nice feeling we gain in owning our own house. The feeling of joy, excitement and contentment in living a house we call our own.  There is no other place like home, and that is really a proven fact!