The Soul of Music

What makes a song meaningful to the listener and the composer? Well, it’s the composition of the lyrics that makes a song enticingly beautiful. There are actually different emotions conveyed in a song as presented in its lyrics. It can either be happy, sad, angry or even being in love. It actually depends on the feeling of the composer. The lyrics of the songs are usually based on an experience that means so much to the composer. It is sometimes inspired by other people. Others would have been sharing of ideas then fusing it as one to create the perfect lyrics of a song. Some individuals are talented enough to compose words for a song in a short period of time would use their ability for a living. They would coordinate with singers, and they will supply them with great lyrics.

There are many ways to present lyrics of a song.  It can be in a form of a story wherein there is a progress of events as the song continues to play. It is presented in such a way that the listener would anticipate the next events that will unfold as the song reaches the end. It is easy for lyricists to use this approach because they are purely telling a story. It’s like creating a story out of nowhere and combining it to the tune of music. They may also modify the words that make up the song to let the words rhyme with each other and make it more appealing to the listener. Other lyrics are presented in such a way that it contains hidden messages wherein the listener would usually interpret the song into something else rather than what the lyricist would like to convey. It makes the song more interesting because it allows the listener to explore or dig deeper into the song to understand what it really means. This is like an abstract, that when a person perceives the song for the first time, he would listen to it again before he could fully understand what is actually meant. Many individuals also use songs to criticize others. They are utilizing songs to address political leaders or those that are powerful in the society. Lyricists would make commentaries or voice out their concerns in the lyrics of a song. Explicit words are even utilized to convey that they are really bothered by something. Sometimes this is very degrading to the listener, but usually it becomes an eye opener for those who are concerned. Other lyrics of songs would contain the current problems experienced by the society. It allows the lyricist to spread a message to a number of individuals so that they would be aware and cooperate in doing something to solve these social problems. There are also lyrics that are presented unintelligently. It is simply a combination of words that do not have any meaning at all. The only thing that makes the song interesting is the tune and how the singer presents it.

Despite different approaches utilized by lyricists, it’s undoubtedly true that it really entertains. Whatever it may be, it still captures the attention of many individuals and others would even internalize the song. People have different preferences and opinions in music and usually, they seek something in a song that would determine if the song is good or bad when talking about its lyrics. Most individuals would go for songs that contain emotions that they could actually feel the true essence of a song. They usually become particular with the choice of words and how it is used in the song. Usage of wide vocabulary also captures the poetic hearts of most listeners. Others would prefer songs that are intelligent in content and that is unique and original. They want a song that can be interpreted in various ways and that reflects reality. Many individuals usually go for songs that they can actually relate to. They are easily captivated by a song, when they think they have experienced such things presented in the lyrics. It makes them feel others are with them, and that they are not alone. Usually the messages conveyed in the songs are very powerful that it gives hope and joy to whoever listens to it.